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How to Select a Surgeon
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Hair is more than just a feature — it's a reflection of your uniqueness. The style, color, and texture of your hair play a significant role in your identity. When selecting an expert for Hair Loss Treatment New Jersey patients want a trustworthy provider who can appreciate their individuality and help them restore it.

A significant determinant of the outcome is the expertise of the surgeon. It's crucial to choose someone with vast experience and a commitment to the latest techniques. Trusted by countless individuals in New Jersey Hair Loss Treatment at The Scandinavian Institute offers a groundbreaking approach to revitalizing thinning locks. Before making a decision, consider asking your potential surgeon the following questions:

Achieve the Best Results

What Hair Loss Treatment techniques do you use? How do you ensure natural-looking results?

Hair Loss Treatments today mainly use two methods: follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplant (FUT). Occasionally, a surgeon will combine these methods to achieve the best results for Hair Transplant. During an FUE procedure, the surgeon selects and harvests individual hair follicles from the donor area, which is typically the back of the head where hair grows thickest.

Hair Loss Treatment options have evolved over time, offering patients a chance at natural-looking hair growth. One of these methods is the FUT procedure. On the other hand, in a FUT procedure, the donor follicles are removed in a strip and then separated into individual grafts under a microscope to prepare them for transplant. After follicles are collected using either FUE or FUT, they are transplanted into the treatment area through tiny incisions to take root in the skin. A skilled surgeon places these incisions in a way that encourages natural-looking hair growth and enables the transplanted hairs to establish themselves in the dermis for healthy growth that lasts.

Hair Loss Treatment New Jersey

Tailored Procedures

Do you have experience performing Hair Loss Treatments on patients of both genders?

Hair Loss Treatment has come a long way, providing solutions for both men and women. Men have traditionally made up the larger pool of people seeking hair transplants, but women lose their hair and are candidates for transplant too! This doesn’t mean that the exact same approaches are ideal for both genders. For example, women’s hairlines have a slightly different shape than men’s, and of course, styling preferences can differ too. Women who are contemplating a hair transplant should be prudent in locating a surgeon who has worked with women and knows how to tailor each procedure around the patient’s needs and aesthetic.

Serving Patients from Different Ethnic Backgrounds

Have you performed Ethnic Hair Transplants for patients of African, Asian, or Hispanic descent?

Hair Loss Treatment New Jersey  Hair Loss Treatment New Jersey

You always want to select a surgeon with ample experience serving patients from different ethnic backgrounds.

When it comes to Hair Loss Treatment, the expertise of the surgeon plays a significant role. Less experienced surgeons may have less insight into the way that different hair textures and curl patterns are distributed on the skin. Ethnic hair transplant refers to procedures performed for individuals of African, Asian, and Hispanic descent, whose unique needs were not always well considered by the majority of surgeons. You want to find a surgeon who continually seeks opportunities to expand their repertoire and stays current on the latest research and methods. 

Hair Loss Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

For people who are undergoing gender-affirming care for a male-to-female or female-to-male transition, hair restoration as part of Hair Loss Treatment can be an important step in the process of transitioning. Hair plays a vital role in a person’s overall appearance, gender expression, and sense of self. Hair loss or thinning is a common concern that can be particularly troublesome for transgender individuals. Therefore, finding a surgeon who has performed transgender hair transplants and understands the approaches required to provide the desired results is critical.

In the realm of Hair Loss Treatment, today’s specialized surgical techniques make hair transplants accessible to even patients with extensive hair loss, who may have been considered ineligible for the procedure in the past. Body hair transplant (BHT) allows you to take advantage of healthy hair growth on other areas of your body for transplant to your scalp. Hair from parts of the body, such as the face, chest, armpits, or legs can be grafted into the scalp to simulate natural hair growth. If you are looking into BHT for your hair transplant, you will want to find a surgeon who has performed this procedure and knows how to blend body hair to create the arrangement and look of scalp hair.

In the journey of Hair Loss Treatment, even if you’ve had hair transplant surgery before, you may be unhappy with your results. Correcting previous hair transplant results can be an intricate process, requiring surgical experience, skill, and an eye for aesthetics. An experienced surgeon will evaluate the patient's previous hair transplant to determine the best course of action, including blending in additional follicles or excising previously transplanted ones to correct an unnatural-looking hairline or growth pattern.

When considering Hair Loss Treatment, especially hair transplant surgery, look for a surgeon who is open with you about the benefits and drawbacks. This includes helping you understand aftercare and recovery requirements. Find a surgeon who will be honest about the results you can expect from your procedure. As with any cosmetic procedure, you want an ethical provider who helps you understand the treatment process and the results you can expect.

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