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“I am very satisfied with my choice of Scandinavian Hair Institute. The entire team is friendly and professional. The consultation was thorough and informative, and the after-care is excellent. It is clear that Dr. Emil is genuinely concerned with patient satisfaction and meeting their needs. Most importantly, the results are great! Highly recommended for men and women.”

—Jenny, Google, Hair Transplant Patient.

“Very passionate and knowledgeable. … Awesome, 100% recommended, I'd choose them again and again!”

—Mauro, Google, Beard Transplant Patient.

“Brilliant work! Emil and the team did a thorough job, and the result is really great. Really recommended!”

—Kjetil, Google, Hair Transplant Patient.

“I had surgery to bring my hairline down a little bit and roughly one year later I'm very happy with my results. It looks very natural, like what my hairline did 5 years ago.”

Phillip, Google, Hair Transplant Patient.

“Fantastic experience. From start to end the service was impeccable. I was met early by Emil who guided me through the procedure. After this my possible new hairline was drawn on, and I was given time to evaluate if it met my esthetic expectations. It did. Following the consultation I was guided to my operating room where I was carefully taken care of. No pain as I was fully anesthetized. After implementing the hairline Dr. Emil came in and added his own touch, a “buffer hairline” that is a little finer than the rest to create a natural look. Brilliant. After the procedure we had another round on consultancy to inform me of the following steps, such as hair care, to make sure the growth is optimal. And then we planned our further follow up meetings to follow up on the growth. Most definitely a five star experience that I do not regret.”

R.M., Google, Hair Transplant Patient.

“Two and a half weeks after my chest hair transplant and I can already tell it's going to be FANTASTIC! I've always dreamed of having a hairy chest, but until I met Dr. Emil George, I had no idea that that was even possible. After my initial consultation, I decided to take the plunge. Now, a couple weeks after my procedure, I can already see the first signs that my dreams since being a teenager are about to come true. We don't get to pick the genes we end up with, but thanks to the work of the Scandinavian Hair Institute in Oslo, I'm getting the chance to have the hair I've always wanted, but wasn't genetically designed to have. The clinic is not only beautiful and relaxing, but doing this procedure in Norway, with its sky-high health and safety standards, removed nearly all fear inherent in taking a plunge like this. Yes, hair transplants are pricey, but how do you really put a price on having a life-long dream come true?”

Randle Roper, Google, Chest Hair Transplant Patient.

“Dr. Emil George is one of the most professional and compassionate experts I have ever encountered in my life. Highly recommended!”

P.S., Google, Hair Transplant Patient.

“I can thoroughly recommend the Scandinavian Hair Institute Oslo for anyone considering getting hair treatments. I went for my first procedure last year and probably like many people was a bit unsure about what to expect. Dr. Emil and his team from the first contact, the procedure itself and the aftercare were fantastic and very professional. I felt in safe hands when I was having the treatment and they went the extra mile to make sure I felt comfortable at all times and the aftercare was second to none. I have recently had some follow up work with them which again went very smoothly and the whole experience was smooth and professional and I'm very pleased with the results. Thank you guys for the great service you provide.”

Edward, Google, Hair Transplant Patient.

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