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Hair Loss Treatment in Washington D.C.

A Deeper Look Into Hair Transplantation

Hair Loss Treatment for Washington, DC Residents

Distressed by hair loss? You aren’t alone. Each month, 1,100 people in Washington, D.C., search Google for "hair restoration near me." People of every age, gender, and ethnic background are susceptible to hair loss. Reasons for hair loss include androgenetic alopecia caused by genetics and brought on by aging, hormonal changes, stress (telogen effluvium), injury, and certain medical conditions. The plethora of hair restoration products and treatments on the market is a testament to people's widespread desire to restore their thinning hair. Fortunately, the field of Hair Loss Treatment has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years. People wishing to counter hair loss have various options proven to produce results, including supplements, hormone therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, and hair transplant surgery.

Long-lasting Results You Can Count On

The Most Reliable Route to Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment has come a long way with numerous restoration products and procedures available. Yet, hair transplant surgery continues to be the gold standard for securing robust hair growth in areas experiencing baldness or thinning. Hair transplant has traditionally been used to restore scalp hair but can also help you grow a thick beard, mustache, eyebrows, or sideburns. The results from a hair transplant are considered permanent, so you won’t have to worry about maintenance treatments or medications. Instead, you can enjoy long-lasting results you can count on to keep growing just like your natural hair—because it is.

Hair Loss Treatment Washington, DC

Hair Loss Treatment at Scandinavian Hair Institute

Different Patients. Different Approaches.

Hair Loss Treatment isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Not everyone experiences hair loss in the same way or has the same aesthetic goals for their procedure. The hair loss specialists at Scandinavian Hair Institute understand this and know how to blend transplanted hair into the treatment area to match your growth pattern and work with an individual’s hair texture. We specialize in hair transplants for both men and women and ethnic hair transplant for patients of every background. This is important because male and female patients may have slightly different hairline shapes, style preferences, and needs when it comes to hair transplant procedures. Patients of African, Asian, Hispanic, and European descent often have different hair types and textures that require slightly different approaches to ensure natural results. We also specialize in performing transgender hair transplants for patients seeking our services as part of their gender-affirming care.

Lasting Healthy Hair Growth

Hair Loss Treatment: Surgical Methods

Hair Loss Treatment Washington, DC  Hair Loss Treatment Washington, DC

The two main hair transplant methods are follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplant (FUT).

We employ both Hair Loss Treatment techniques at our clinic; in some cases, these approaches may even be combined. In FUE, your surgeon excises individual hair follicles from the donor area, which in most cases is the back of the head where hair grows the thickest. In FUT, the donor follicles are collected in a strip and then separated into individual grafts. The follicles collected through the FUE or FUT techniques are then grafted into the treatment area using tiny incisions. The best surgeons will create incisions that help the newly transplanted follicles grow into an authentic-looking growth pattern and establish themselves in the dermis for lasting healthy hair growth.

Restore a More Natural Look

Specialized Approaches: BHT, Hair Transplant Revision

At The Scandinavian Hair Institute, serving patients in Washington, DC Hair Loss Treatment extends beyond the typical. We also manage unique cases, such as patients who are profoundly bald and lack available scalp hair for transplant. In such cases, we can perform a body hair transplant (BHT), taking hair from the face, chest, armpits, legs, or elsewhere and moving it to the scalp. Again, your surgeon’s skill level is crucial here. An inexperienced surgeon may not know how to select the best follicles to match the texture of your scalp or how to arrange them into a natural growth pattern and aesthetically pleasing hairline. Our surgeons have trained extensively in all types of transplant cases and performed thousands of successful transplants.

With Hair Loss Treatment Washington, DC patients discover hope at our practice, where our approach is both diverse and holistic, ensuring tailored solutions for every individual. We also specialize in hair transplant revision for patients who have had hair transplant surgery in the past. If you are unhappy with the results or longevity of a previous transplant surgery, don’t fret. We can fix poor results, restore a more natural look, and keep your hair growing strong. A new era of hair transplant surgery is here. By seeking a leading hair transplant surgeon, you can avoid the unnatural “hair plug” appearance and escape the maintenance required by medications, supplements, and shampoos. Instead, you can have hair that fills in naturally and permanently. Hair transplant patients love the freedom and peace of mind!

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