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Exosomes in New Jersey

Restored Hair, Rapid Healing

If you're considering hair restoration and want to get the most out of your treatment, Exosome therapy can elevate and enhance your experience. Made from naturally derived sources, these macromolecules infuse the scalp with growth factors and other stimuli that can help the area heal faster after surgery as well as promote new hair growth.

Exosome Therapy at the Scandinavian Hair Institute

Using exosome therapy as a complementary treatment is one of the ways our New Jersey hair transplant patients can achieve outstanding results, along with the expertise of our providers at the Scandinavian Hair Institute. At your New Jersey hair transplant consultation, we will determine if you are a great candidate to travel to Oslo for FUE hair restoration surgery and if exosomes would be an ideal addition to your treatment plan.

What are Exosomes?

Exosome therapies are applied to the scalp following hair restoration surgery to stimulate rejuvenation and healing and rejuvenation through the regeneration of cells. Billions of stem cell-derived exosomes reach the target area directly through a simple, minimally invasive scalp application. Packed with lipids, proteins, and essential particles, the stem cells contribute to cell regeneration, enhancing the natural ability of the skin to self-repair.

Exosomes Hair Transplant in New Jersey

How do Exosomes relate to Hair Transplants?

Exosomes will help with quicker, easier healing and encourage hair growth, resulting in an overall fuller, thicker, healthier-looking hair transplant outcome. Exosomes have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce any possible pain or discomfort that patients may experience after a hair transplant. Since this is a non-surgical addition to your hair transplant procedure, it can be administered easily and could be used multiple times during your treatment stay.

Are Exosomes right for me?

For patients in New Jersey Exosome therapy with hair restoration is a great option for most individuals who wish to experience an enhanced recovery period and further stimulation of hair growth. Since this treatment is derived from natural sources, the chance of any kind of allergic reaction is extremely rare, and there are very few side effects.

Preparation and Consultation

Our hair restoration experts in New Jersey will start by setting up a virtual consultation with you to cover the basics before scheduling an in-person appointment. At your in-person consultation for exosomes in New Jersey, your specialist will examine your scalp, discuss the hair transplantation process in full detail, and answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. If we determine that you are a great candidate for a hair transplant, we will help you start scheduling and making travel arrangements for the trip to Oslo, Norway, for your procedure. Preparation for a hair transplant is simple but may require some adjustment of medications or supplements, which we will cover during your consultation.

How are Exosomes applied?

Exosomes are applied by injecting a serum just below the surface of the skin on the scalp. We use very fine, medical-grade needles and apply topical numbing cream for optimal comfort. The application of exosomes adds very little time to the overall hair restoration treatment.

Aftercare, Recovery, and Aftercare

Your initial recovery will take place in Oslo, and then you will return home with proper care instructions and a scheduled virtual follow-up appointment. In most cases, recovery from hair restoration takes about one to two weeks until all scabbing and redness resolves. The use of exosomes typically speeds up this healing, and many patients see a shorter healing period.

Why choose the Scandinavian Hair Institute?

The stellar team of doctors at the Scandinavian Hair Institute have decades of combined experience and specialty training in hair transplants. In addition to the outstanding qualifications of our doctors, the experience at our facility is unparalleled. With private accommodations, around-the-clock care, and a luxurious atmosphere, you can restore your hair and enjoy a refreshing environment.

Exosomes Hair Transplant in New Jersey

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Exosome TreatmentFrequently Asked Questions

Exosome treatments are generally considered very tolerable since the injection area will be numbed, and a very fine gauge needle is used for injections.

While this is a very safe treatment, possible risks could include bleeding or infection at the injection site.

Exosome treatments can help stimulate hair growth and generate great results for about six to eight months. Maintenance treatments every six to eight months can help continue the effects.

The cost of exosome treatments is included in our full hair restoration package, including flights, which totals $8,500.

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