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Beard Transplant in Philadelphia, PA

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Beard Transplant at Scandinavian Hair Institute

The Scandinavian Hair Institute offers beard transplants for those unable to grow full facial hair. Our top surgeons provide natural-looking results at a lower cost than in the U.S. Travel in luxury from Philadelphia for treatment to our world-class clinic in Oslo, Norway.

Natural-looking results

What is a beard transplant?

Our surgeons specialize in natural-looking follicle grafts and use the FUE or FUT technique to transplant hairs from the thickest part of the scalp to the sparse facial hair area. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia and has a short recovery time of two weeks. Our surgeons prioritize minimal scarring and avoid color, consistency, and texture issues. In addition, the results of a beard transplant are permanent, allowing you to enjoy a fuller, natural-looking beard for life.

Beard Transplant in Philadelphia


What are the benefits of a beard transplant?

Beards are a symbol of masculinity and personal style. With beard transplants Philadelphia patients can achieve natural-looking results by utilizing follicles from other body areas. This minimally invasive procedure provides long-lasting results and lets you take control of your appearance. As part of an advancing field in cosmetic surgery, beard transplants offer a great opportunity to grow the facial hair you desire without the need for daily shaving.

World-Class Care

Your Beard Transplant Consultation

Beard Transplant in Philadelphia  Beard Transplant in Philadelphia

You can receive world-class beard transplant services for less at the Scandinavian Hair Institute in Oslo, Norway. In just one night's sleep aboard an airliner, you can arrive in Oslo ready to transform your beard and your confidence.

Schedule a Zoom consultation, followed by an in-person Philadelphia Beard Transplant specialist meeting to explore more about our process. We'll make your travel arrangements and accommodate you in one of our onsite luxury suites during your stay. Visit our travel page to learn how we make your journey a breeze with concierge-level care. Then schedule your consultation and discover what's possible with today's beard transplant techniques.

Personalized Procedures

Your Beard Transplant Procedure

During your consultation, your surgeon will assess your unique needs and recommend the best surgical method for your beard transplant. One option is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), where individual follicles are taken from the back of the scalp. Another option is a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), where a strip of donor follicles is removed and then separated. After the healthy follicles are collected, your surgeon makes small incisions in the beard area to determine the direction and growth pattern. Local anesthesia is used, and once the grafts are placed, the surgery is complete.

Patient Recovery | Long-Term Success

Beard Transplant Results

After your beard transplant surgery, you can expect the transplanted hair to shed within the first month. This is a natural part of the growth cycle, and new beard follicles will begin to grow within a few months. At around the four-month mark, your beard will become more visible as the majority of the hair follicles will have settled into place. You can expect to see your full results and grow a thick beard about nine months after your procedure.

Essential Aftercare Instructions

Beard Transplant Recovery and Aftercare

At Scandinavian Hair Institute, we understand that your well-being is essential. We offer thorough aftercare instructions and virtual post-procedure support to ensure a successful recovery. During the first few weeks after your Beard Transplant, you will need to avoid certain activities such as swimming, bathing, and exercising, and we will provide a specially formulated pH-balanced shampoo and instructions on how to wash and care for the treated area. As the follicles grow in, your beard will continue to improve, and you can expect to see your final results within nine to fourteen months.

Beard TransplantFrequently Asked Questions

A beard transplant surgery typically lasts around eight hours, with recovery and growing a full, natural beard taking several weeks.

To ensure a beard transplant is the best option for you, we will assess your hair's health and confirm that you have enough healthy hair on your scalp for transplantation during your consultation.

The donor follicles for a beard transplant are typically collected from the back of the scalp, where hair is the thickest and most similar to facial hair.

After your Beard Transplant, follicle growth will begin within a few months, with full results becoming visible within approximately nine to fourteen months.

Our travel team will book everything for you, including your VIP trip to Oslo from the United States. You will stay in an onsite luxury suite the night before the procedure in a beautiful area of Oslo. You can enjoy the city before and after your surgery. Learn more about your accommodations on our website.

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