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Hair Transplant in Washington D.C.

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Hair Transplant Surgery at Scandinavian Hair Institute

Throughout history, people with hair loss have tried all sorts of methods to restore their hairline. Even Julius Caesar's famous laurel wreath was rumored to be a convenient cover for his baldness. Fortunately, technology has finally caught up with our desire for thick, full hair. With today’s highly developed hair transplant techniques, you can have full hair again—no laurels required.

The expert surgeons at the Scandinavian Hair Institute in Oslo, Norway, offer state-of-the-art hair transplant surgery for patients from all over the world seeking top care. Because of the differences between the medical systems in the United States and Norway, we are able to provide treatment for a fraction of the price it would cost you at home, even with travel and luxury accommodations in Oslo factored in. We make the process seamless, starting with your local consultation for Hair Transplant in Washington, D.C., where one of our specialists will help you determine whether our services can help you achieve your goals for fuller, thicker hair. We take care of the details, including travel and accommodations, meaning you can focus on enjoying the journey of a lifetime.

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What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Our surgeons are experts in the two most effective hair transplant methods: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). Both transplant methods involve moving hair from a donor site to the area where it is needed—often, from the back of the scalp to the front or top of the head, where hair tends to thin.

During the FUE Hair Transplant procedure, your surgeon uses a small, specialized tool to make tiny incisions around individual hair follicles, which are then extracted and prepared for transplantation. The surgeon then creates small incisions in the recipient area of the scalp and carefully places each follicle into the bald or thinning area.

FUT Hair Transplant involves removing a strip of skin from the donor area and then separating the individual hair follicles for transplantation. This method may leave a light scar in the donor area, which is typically well hidden. FUT has the advantage of being a more efficient means of filling in larger areas of thinning hair. Both methods provide long-lasting, natural-looking results. Our insightful and compassionate surgeons can help you decide the best method for your individual case.

Hair Transplant in Washington, D.C.

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What are the benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery?

Trusted by countless individuals in Washington, D.C. Hair Transplant surgery at Scandinavian Hair Institute is minimally invasive and delivers tangible, long-lasting results. Your transplant is completely customizable to your treatment goals. Men and women of any ethnic background can benefit from the ability to grow hair on the scalp or elsewhere. Unlike medication and nutrition-based hair restoration therapies, a hair transplant surgery lets you achieve your precise goals for growing hair anywhere on your body and receive long-lasting results that don’t require ongoing maintenance.

Planning Your Journey

Your Hair Transplant Surgery Consultation

Hair Transplant in Washington, D.C.  Hair Transplant in Washington, D.C.

We know how precious your time and money are. We offer American patients the concierge-style, expert, and specialized care they deserve at a much more affordable price.

We know how important your choice of hair transplant surgeon is to your results and your satisfaction. We make our services accessible to American patients by meeting you where you are to begin the process. Your personal hair restoration consultant will meet you in Washington, D.C., to get to know you, learn about your goals and concerns, answer all of your questions, and assess your candidacy for hair transplantation at our Oslo clinic. They will also begin arranging your travel if you opt for treatment. We take care of these details so your journey can be seamless and your experience transformational. Visit our travel page to learn more about our concierge-level care for your journey.  

Excellence in Action

Your Hair Transplant Surgery Procedure

We start by numbing the donor site and the treatment area with local anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. We then use either the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or the Follicular Unit Transplant method to collect healthy hairs. In the FUE method, we remove follicles individually, while FUT involves removing a strip of follicles and then separating them. Your surgeon will then create tiny incisions in the treatment area and place the follicles in a natural-looking growth pattern. The scalp is the most popular site for hair transplant, but we also perform transplants to grow or restore hair on the face or body.

The Spirit of You

Hair Transplant Surgery Results

In our approach to Hair Transplant Washington, D.C. patients will discover that our surgeons at Scandinavian Hair Institute focus on delivering comprehensive results that last. We believe you'll be amazed at the transformative impact the procedure has on your appearance. Your hairline will be brought forward to its more youthful position, and your transplanted hair will grow in healthy and full. You’ll remember a younger, more confident you and be able to set aside the stress and low self-esteem that can often accompany hair loss. We can’t wait to plan and perform a procedure that makes you feel vibrant and ready to take on whatever’s next.

The Pathway to Success

Hair Transplant Surgery Recovery and Aftercare

We provide you with detailed aftercare instructions and continue to offer virtual post-procedure support after you fly home. Some activities will need to be avoided for the first couple of weeks after your hair transplant, such as swimming, bathing, and working out. We will provide a pH-balanced shampoo to use for three weeks and instruct you on how to wash your hair and care for the treatment area. The results of your hair transplant will continually improve as the follicles grow in. You should be able to enjoy your final results within nine to fourteen months.

Hair Transplant SurgeryFrequently Asked Questions

Itching or numbness are normal side effects you might notice in the first few days following your Hair Transplant procedure. Mild swelling is also normal and should resolve within two to six days. In addition to providing you with detailed aftercare information, we will continue to be available to check your progress and answer questions after you return home to the United States.

The Hair Transplant procedure can leave small, faint scars. However, any residual marks are quickly covered by hair growth, becoming imperceptible.

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We know how much trust you place in the surgeon you select to perform your hair transplant. We are a highly specialized clinic focused on providing superior hair transplantation services to patients from around the world. Start by scheduling your complimentary consultation today. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure a positive treatment experience and exceptional results.