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Exosomes in Philadelphia, PA

Restore, Recover, and Restart

For some patients who are considering hair transplant surgery, the recovery process may seem like the biggest challenge. In fact, recovery from hair restoration is typically mild, and the use of Exosomes with hair transplant can improve the process even further. In addition, exosomes can help stimulate hair follicles and, ultimately, hair growth for outstanding results.

Exosome Therapy at the Scandinavian Hair Institute

We believe achieving outstanding hair restoration results depends on skilled doctors, premier patient care, and innovative technologies. By using exosomes Philadelphia patients undergoing hair transplants at the Scandinavian Hair Institute in Oslo, Norway, can experience the additional benefits of accelerated recovery and enhanced scalp health.

What are Exosomes?

When used in cosmetic applications, exosomes are often derived from stem cells and possess regenerative properties that can benefit the skin and hair follicles. Exosomes contain growth factors, proteins, lipids, and other bioactive molecules that work to enhance and support tissue repair and promote healing. Advances in technology mean that exosome treatments can be customized based on individual skin and hair needs.

Exosomes in Philadelphia, PA

How do Exosomes relate to Hair Transplants?

Exosomes can be used alongside hair restoration treatment by promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss. They can stimulate the proliferation of hair follicle cells, enhance blood flow to the scalp, and contribute to a healthier hair growth cycle. Administered via injection, this non-surgical treatment can help make the most of your hair transplant surgery without adding additional recovery time or discomfort. The use of exosomes ultimately results in thicker, fuller hair growth and confidence-revitalizing results.

Are Exosomes right for me?

For our patients in Philadelphia Exosomes with hair transplants can offer optimal results in hair restoration, including ideal hair regrowth and faster recovery. This treatment comes with very few possible side effects and a very low risk of allergic reaction, so it is suitable for many patients.

Your Exosomes Consultation

Your hair restoration journey will start with a virtual consultation with one of our hair restoration specialists in Philadelphia, PA. During this complimentary consultation, we discuss the basics, answer any preliminary questions, and then schedule an in-person consultation if you decide to move forward.

At your secondary consultation, we will examine your scalp or other treatment area and go into detail about each step of the procedure, along with the accommodations and travel arrangements. We will begin the scheduling process if we determine you are an ideal candidate for hair restoration surgery at our Oslo, Norway facility.

Before the procedure, you may need to stop or adjust certain medications, including over-the-counter NSAIDs or other blood thinners. Information on all preparation needs will be provided.

How are Exosomes applied?

Using very fine needles, the exosome serum is applied delicately just below the surface of the skin. Your scalp will most likely still be numb after your hair transplant, and most patients experience little to no discomfort or pain during exosome administration. Since exosomes are administered alongside your main treatment, it only adds a few minutes to your total treatment time.

Results and Aftercare

A virtual follow-up appointment will be arranged prior to you leaving our facility, and we encourage patients to reach out with any post-surgery questions or concerns. Following hair restoration surgery, the complete healing process typically takes about 10 to 14 days, and incorporating exosomes often expedites this recovery. While initial results may become visible around three months after surgery, optimal outcomes are usually visible within a year.

Why choose the Scandinavian Hair Institute?

At the Scandinavian Hair Institute, you can enjoy a comprehensive and all-encompassing hair restoration experience. Our facility features dedicated accommodations located directly adjacent to your treatment room for convenience and comfort. Along with our luxurious surroundings, each of our talented doctors has specific training and years of expertise in hair restoration and strives to provide the highest quality results and patient care.

Exosomes in Philadelphia, PA

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Exosome TreatmentFrequently Asked Questions

Exosome treatments are typically considered very tolerable by our patients, and in most cases, the scalp will still be numb due to the local anesthesia used for the hair transplant procedure.

This is a very low-risk treatment, and most patients experience no side effects.

Hair transplant surgery is permanent, and the positive benefits of using exosomes can continue to enhance transplant results for six to eight months.

Exosomes are best used in conjunction with other treatments, including hair restoration.

The cost of exosome treatment is part of our total package price of $8,500, which includes your procedure, accommodations, and travel.

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