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Body Hair Transplant (BHT)in Washington, D.C.

Another Path to Hair Transplantation

Body Hair Transplant (BHT) at the Scandinavian Hair Institute in Oslo

Not everyone experiences hair loss in the same way. While some people experience pattern baldness, others may lose all of the hair on their scalp. For the latter group, the patient’s body hair may provide a path to hair restoration. The body hair transplant (BHT) procedure can effectively restore hair growth by using follicles from areas like the face, armpits, chest, or elsewhere. The highly experienced surgeons at the Scandinavian Hair Institute specialize in BHT procedures that provide lasting results that look and feel like your natural hair.

If you're considering a Body Hair Transplant Washington, D.C. patients are invited to book a consultation with one of our transplant experts to determine their suitability. We provide concierge-level travel arrangements and globally recognized surgical care for patients from the United States wishing to visit our clinic in Oslo for treatment. The skill of your surgeon is crucial to achieving authentic and long-lasting results from your BHT procedure. When you schedule your procedure with us, you can rest assured that you will receive world-class care and exceptional service from our leading hair transplantation experts.

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What is Body Hair Transplant?

For those with total baldness, the traditional method of using donor follicles from the back of the scalp is not an option. Body hair transplant (BHT) is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are excised from other parts of the body and transplanted into areas of the scalp with hair loss.

The Body hair transplant procedure involves selecting donor areas on the body, such as the chest, armpits, back, or legs, from which hair follicles will be extracted using a technique called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The extracted hair follicles are then prepared for transplantation and carefully inserted into the recipient areas of the scalp using tiny incisions. To achieve the texture and the appearance of scalp hair, a surgeon who specializes in BHT may blend follicles from different areas of the body in a natural growth pattern on the scalp.

Body Hair Transplant in Washington, D.C.

A Patient-Centered Approach

What are the benefits of Body Hair Transplant?

For our patients in Washington, D.C. Body hair transplant can provide long-lasting, natural results for patients who do not have any scalp hair available to transplant. However, this specialized procedure should only be performed by a surgeon with experience performing BHT. Experienced providers like the surgeons at Scandinavian Hair Institute know how to select the best follicles for transplant and create excellent results that look like natural hair growth. In the hands of an inexperienced hair transplant surgeon, BHT may not provide the authentic texture, fullness, and hairline the patient is seeking. We take time to analyze your case and plan a procedure that gives you the high-quality results you are seeking.

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Your Body Hair Transplant Consultation

Body Hair Transplant in Washington, D.C.  Body Hair Transplant in Washington, D.C.

Interested in traveling to Oslo for your body hair transplant procedure? With our concierge-level care, it’s easier than you think. Start the process by scheduling your Zoom consultation with one of our experts.

Next, a hair transplant specialist will meet you in Washington, D.C., to assess your case, answer all of your questions, and, should you decide to seek our services, begin outlining the plans for your procedure. We always ensure you are a candidate for Body Hair Transplant before helping you arrange your trip to Oslo! Our team makes all your travel arrangements for you, and you will stay in one of our onsite luxury suites while you complete your procedure. Because of the different price structure of healthcare in Norway, we are able to provide these services for far less than you’d pay in the United States. Contact us today to schedule your initial Zoom consultation! Or visit our travel page to learn more about our concierge-level care for your journey.

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Your Body Hair Transplant Procedure

Your surgeon will begin the process of collecting donor follicles for Body Hair Transplant by thoroughly numbing the donor area using a local anesthetic. They will then use the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique to excise healthy follicles for transplant. Next, they will numb the treatment area before transplanting the follicles into a set of tiny incisions placed to replicate your scalp hair’s natural growth pattern. Our surgeons take time planning your procedure and work meticulously to create authentic results with a high rate of success.

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Body Hair Transplant Results

We guarantee exceptional results that meet and exceed your goals for restoring your image and your confidence through body hair transplant. After an initial adaptation period, your newly transplanted hair follicles will begin growing in the treatment site and will allow you to enjoy a healthy, natural head of hair! We will be on hand to support your recovery and ensure you experience results you love.

Ongoing Support for Your Transformation

Body Hair Transplant Recovery and Aftercare

Your surgeon will give you detailed aftercare instructions for your body hair transplant and check your healing at a virtual appointment after you return home. We are always here to support you and provide any needed follow-up care. You will need to wash your hair gently and use a special shampoo for the first few weeks of recovery. You will also need to avoid strenuous exercise, bathing, swimming, and saunas during this time. Avoid rubbing the affected area, as this can damage the newly transplanted hair follicles. Within a week or two, patients can usually return to work and resume their normal activities. The transplanted hair will begin to shed within the first few weeks after surgery—this is a normal part of the process! The new hair will begin to grow in a few months later, and patients can expect to see full results within nine to fourteen months.

Body Hair TransplantFrequently Asked Questions

Body hair transplant is a relatively new approach to restoring scalp hair for patients who are completely bald. However, BHT can provide excellent results for patients in this category! The quality and longevity of your BHT results largely depend on the expertise of the surgeon who performs your procedure. Our surgeons have years of experience and training in the latest hair transplantation techniques and know how to select and transplant donor follicles to replicate the look of scalp hair. When selecting a surgeon for your BHT procedure, it is crucial to seek a professional with this level of expertise.

If you do not have enough donor hair on your scalp to support a transplant, you may be an excellent candidate for BHT. Often, individuals who have experienced total hair loss on the scalp have healthy follicles elsewhere that are suitable for transplant. The best way to determine if you are a candidate is to schedule your initial consultation today. We will take time to learn about your situation, medical history, and hair transplant goals to determine whether our surgeons can help.

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We know how much trust you place in the surgeon you select to perform your hair transplant. We are a highly specialized clinic focused on providing superior hair transplantation services to patients from around the world. Start by scheduling your complimentary consultation today. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure a positive treatment experience and exceptional results.